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Cam Thanh Responsible Tour
Code : IUT – H01 Welcome to Cam Thanh Responsible Tour, you not only have chance to experience the rural life inHoi An , but also help the local people participate in tourism and job creation. Let ‘s join the tour if you would like to share the responsibility with community. ...
Hoi An Vespa Tour
Code : IUT – H02 : Join in the classic Vespa Tour, you‘ll get the most comfortable, stylish and authentic tour experience. No where other tour will take you on this scenic adventure by visiting the culture, historical monument, beautiful and peaceful countryside sceneryas well as exploring the rural life of Vietnamese people in your own way. Other travelers never know that the program is not ...
Agri Tour
Code : IUT – H03 : Really enjoyable trip ! you will have much experience to ride a water buffalo, join to havest the rice in the field, understand the traditional way of making rice. ...
Basket Boat Tour
Code : IUT – H04:How funny it isto join a basket boat tour ! You will much enjoy to row a basket boat, a unique boat used for fishing in the river in Viet Nam only. ...
Making Lantern Tour
Code : IUT – H05:
Tra Que Herb Village
Code : IUT – H06: Tra Que is a charming little village on the edge of Hoi An, the village is named after the sweet scented vegetables that spice up the every day meals of the Pho Hoi people. Here a new spirit for traditional Hoi An dishes like Cao Lau. Quang nodles, enjoy cooking class served by host with the local ‘Tam Huu’ spring roll ...
Kim Bong carpentry and Thanh Ha Pottery Villages
Code : IUT – H07: Kim Bong Carpentry Village is well known for its carpentry. Most of Hoi An old town’s architecture was made by their ancestors, dating back to the town’s heyday as a commercial port. Thanh Ha Pottery Village in the 16th and 17th century Thanh Ha was a thriving village, It was famous for earthenware that was sold in many provinces throughout central Vietnam. ...
Cham Island Tour
Code : IUT – H08: The Cham Islands are 15km from Cua Dai. There are seven islands altogether named according to their shape or characteristics. They are called Lao (pear), Dai (long), La (leaf), Kho (dry), Tai (ear), Mo (tombs) and Nom (East wind). They have a good climate, always cool the year round, and tress and animals are plentiful here, as well as marine life. ...
My Son Holy Land Tour
Code : IUT – H9: My son, located 50 km from Hoi an, was an imperial city during the cham dynasty, between the 4 th and 12 th centeries. My son sanctuary ia a large complex ofmore than 70 architectural works. They include temples and towers that connect to each other with intricate red brick design is the towers, built to reflect the divinity of the ...

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